Top 15 Best Unpainted Furniture Pieces for Sale

If you're a DIY type of person, then unpainted furniture might be right up your alley. From bedside tables to large, unfinished bookcases, we've reviewed the top 15 best unpainted furniture pieces for sale online. Enjoy your new unpainted furniture!

15. Unpainted Bookcase by Wentworth

This particular unpainted furniture from Wentworth comes unstained so that you may color it to your liking or leave as is for your desired wants. It comes with a door knob to the right of the cabinet while also having adjustable shelves to help you fit whatever you think is the best fit for this piece of furniture. The weight on this shelf is 78 pounds and the dimensions being 18.8 x 23 x 65 inches, making this unpainted furniture a perfect centerpiece to a living room or den.

14. DIY Unpainted Furniture - Door Bookcase

This stylish bookcase is made to also serve as a door which is a DIY model of unpainted furniture that will save you loads of money when trying to find something that is functional while also giving you the style and functionality that you need when installing a bookcase in your home. It is 150 pounds and the dimensions are 81 x 36 x 8 making this ideal to use as a door while also making more room because of it doubling as a bookshelf.

13. Unpainted Nativity Scene - Religious Furniture

This piece of unpainted furniture is a Nativity Scene that will be perfect for any occasion to represent the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas time. This item also comes with accessories that will be able to paint any color that your heart desires for the kind of effect that you are looking for when putting out a nativity scene for others to enjoy. The item is brand new and is a perfect size piece of unpainted furniture so that you could put this on a table as well as most any other spaces where you want to show off the birth of Jesus.

12. Unfinished Step Stool for Children - Unfinished Furniture

This Step Stool is unpainted furniture that is made brand new and goes 6 inches to 12 inches off the ground while being durable enough to hold anyone who might need to use it at any time. This step stool is screwed together to give you the extra support that you are looking for when buying a step stool and is unpainted so that you can add any color to it to fit any area of your home perfectly. There are no rough edges on the item so kids won't be able to hurt themselves on it when using it which is ideal when looking out for the safety of your loved ones.

11. Unpainted End Table

This table drawer and telephone stand by go2buy is unpainted furniture that comes with 3 shelves on the bottom with a table drawer on the top and also serves as a telephone stand to help give you a one stop solution for your many different needs for furniture. This stand is made of Paulownia wood for extra durability to give you a stylish design while also giving you the dependability that you are looking for. Being that the dimensions of this unpainted furniture are 38 x 35.5 x 77 cm/ 15 x 14 x 30.3'' makes this item a perfect fit even in the tightest of spaces in your home and in your wallet.

10. Unpainted Furniture - Writing Desk

This Writing Desk is unpainted furniture that will give you exactly what you need when looking for a desk that will give all the room and comfort that you need while writing anything from homework to your next big novel. This table comes delivered in 2 methods where you can put it together yourself which will save you money or have someone else do it for just a little bit more when ordering. The unpainted furniture will give your home a beautiful addition to the rest of your furniture that people are going to love when they see it.

9. Unpainted Lamp Table

This stylish piece of unpainted furniture is a Lamp Table that you can put anywhere in your house to hold a lamp on while also having something that is going to be a beautiful addition to your home. This item is made from solid wood to give you the sturdy design that you need when wanting a piece of furniture to hold anything from lamps to anything else that you might want to put on top of it. With the unpainted furniture dimensions being 18 x 18 x 26 inches makes it a perfect fit beside your bed so that you have a lamp table for when you are reading before bed at night.

8. Unfinished Telephone Stand

This unpainted furniture is a quality built Telephone Stand that is made with sturdy and a stylish design in mind. You will be able to paint this piece any color that you want to fit in any room in your home. This item has 2 shelves on the bottom with a drawer on the top so that you can also decorate it to give the appearance and usefulness that a telephone stand truly deserves. The dimensions of the item are 14 x 15 x 30 inches, making the table not only useful as a telephone stand, but you could use it for any other type of items that you might want to place on it to help give your home a nice looking piece of furniture to look at when visitors are stopping by.

7. Unpainted Crib for Children

This unpainted furniture is a Children's Bed that comes well equipped to keep your child safe at night. This bed comes in 3 different sizes to hold toddlers in their various stages of life to keep them safe and comfortable while sleeping in the bed. The bed is made of environmentally safe unscarred pine which will be a perfect addition to your household when looking for something to keep your baby comfy and cozy all night long while also giving them nothing but the stars to look at while you dream about their future. 

6. Unpainted End Tables

This telephone stand comes 3 tier and is a perfect piece of unpainted furniture that will fit beautifully into any part of your home. The item comes equipped with two shelves that you can use for a variety of things, including stacking magazines as well as placing a potted flower or any other idea you may find useful. It is not just a telephone stand but can use as a side table, an end table as well as a console table to help give your home just the right look that you want for a reasonable price with a quality that is built to last.

5. Oriental Unpainted Room Divider

This piece of unpainted furniture is an Oriental Bamboo Room Divider that is made of thick Bamboo to help give you the space you need for yourselves as well as giving you the sturdy quality you want from a room divider. This item is made of kiln dried wood frame that comes in 3 different folds including a 4 panel, a 3 panel as well as a six-panel fold to help you in any kind of situation that you might need a room divider to be used such as a dorm room. 

4. Unpainted Chest with 3 Drawers

This 3 Drawer Night Chest is a piece of unpainted furniture that comes made with dependability in mind. The item is made of solid wood that will be sure not to fall over should any kids decide to play in it. It comes unfinished that you can stain or paint it to have the look that you need in any room of your home. The dimensions of the item are 16.5 x 29.5 x 32.7 which would make it a perfect piece to place a television on so that you can watch your favorite shows at night before bed.

3. Unfinished Platform Bench - Unpainted Furniture

This sturdy piece of hardwood top bench comes as unpainted furniture to help give you the look you need for a bench that you want. This bench comes in 3 different sizes, including 4 feet, 5 feet or 6 feet to help give you the length of space that you need when owning a bench for you and your family. This bench comes made of rubberwood to give you the strength that a bench needs for any type of occasion that your bench will be used for such as a tool room or outside for a nice sunny day.

2. Unpainted Dresser Kit

This Double Dresser Kit is unpainted furniture that is made with solid Pine to give the added quality that you want from a double dresser. It comes unfinished so that you can stain or paint the item to perfectly fit any room in the house that you would want to place it in. You can purchase this item unassembled to help save money or already professionally assembled so that all that you have to do is stain it or paint it should want to which makes the experience easier on you. It also comes with six drawers giving you plenty of options on what to place inside of the dresser.

1. Winsome Wood Unpainted Furniture - Accent Table

This unpainted furniture is an end table that can also double as a nightstand to give any room that you decide to place it in the extra versatility in design that you want for your home. The item comes with a shelf on the bottom and a drawer on top for anything that you might want to put in it before you go to bed at night or just as a display piece in any other area of your house. The dimensions of the item are 18 x 18 x 22 inches as well as being 16 pounds so you will be able to fit this stand even in most places that other stands wouldn't be able to fit.

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