Top 30 Best Bed Rails for Sale Online

If you're on the hunt for the absolute best bed rails for sale online then you've come to the right spot. From best rails for toddlers to medical grade bed rails for seniors and adults, we've reviewed the top 30 best bed rails for sale online. Enjoy! 

30. Best Bed Rails by Able Life

At some point in time, people grow older and are in need of assistance. Able Life designs the best bed rails for your loved one's comfort. Convenient to use on either side of the bed, as well as, the extended length, extends from 20" to 30" and is perfect to reduce the chances of a nighttime fall. Easily adjusts when getting in and out of bed. Making it easy for your loved one to have some independence back. It fits most beds and has an easy-grip handle assist, that helps your loved one stand with ease of knowing they won't fall. 

29. 2 Pack of Toddler Bumper Rails for Bed

Having children is a blessing. Having your child fall out of bed at night is not. Hiccapop has designed these bed rails to be water resistant, comfortable, and less like imprisonment. These bed rails help guide your child away from the edges while keeping it simple enough for children to get in and out of bed when they need to. Installing the best toddler bed rails is important and Hiccapop foam bed bumpers are easy to install as well as easily washable. Sitting beside your child, while reading a nighttime story, has become simple now to the best bed rails foam design.

28. Double Side Bedrail for Kids by Regalo

Having reliable bed rails for your toddler is crucial to keep your child safe from rolling out of bed at night. Regalo has one of the best toddler bed rails due to the easy to install method, as well as, the swing down feature for easy transition from bed to everyday life. This 20" tall bed rail accommodates the mattress and the extended length of 43" is added security to ensure your child is safe. This designed can be used for mattress and box springs and easily washable, making these the best bed rails, as well as practical and user-friendly.

27. Adult Assist Bed Rails by Stander

Making life easier for the older generation, makes life easier for their care takers. Stander designs the best bed rails for convenience and comfort. Adjusting the bed rails is simple due to the 26"-34"-42" extend compacity to prevent falls, as well as, the ability to pivot the bed rail downwards, at a 180-degree angle, for an easy transition. This design also offers an assist handle and a pocket for your loved one to keep all their favorite things in an easy to reach manner. Placing the best bed rails is more convenient now due to being able to place the bed rail on either side of the bed.

26. Best Toddler Bed Rail by SleepRail

Being able to travel with your small children became a whole lot easier. Having the best toddler bed rails to travel with is a must and SleepRail has made your choice simple. Their patent design allows easy travel and storage. This bed rail can fold up to a size of a soccer ball, as well as, fits any bed. The best bed rails are great for camping, sleepovers, hotel stays and anywhere your next travel plans end up. No assembly required and simple to install. This design is made with high-quality materials to ensure a full travel life.

25. Adjustable Bed Rail for Elderly Adults by AdirMed

Searching for the best bed rails for your loved one can be confusing. There are so many options to choose from. AdirMed has designed these bed rails from steel to ensure durability, as well as, a handle assist that encourages independence. Minimal assembly required and is easy to install, as well as, adjusting the rail. The handle comes off while not in use for easy storage. Install this bed rail on either side of the bed and it comes with a pocket so your loved one can reach the things they use the most.

24. Best Toddler Bed Rails by Summer Infant

Welcoming an infant home is a beautiful thing. Taking your infant to see family can sometimes be a challenge if you plan for nightly stays. Lugging you big bulky crib around is a hassle or transitioning your child to the crib to the bed can be a hassle as well. Summer Infant has a hassle free design that allows you to fit their bed rails to any bed up to a queen size. Convenient fold down side that allows you to change the linens or simply to engage with your child. Minimal assembly required, making it convenient for the parent. Summer Infant designs the best toddler bed rails because their designs are user-friendly and easy to install.

23. White Bed Rails by Dream On Me

Your child is almost ready to transition from the crib to the bed. A huge milestone in the growth of your child. Dream On Me offers one of the best toddler bed rails to help that transition. No assembly required and is ready to use on your convertible crib. Their unique design is made of mesh materials, that are breathable, to ensure the comfort of the parent and child. It is small and lightweight and easy to store, as well as, convenient to wipe clean.

22. Best Toddler Bed Rails by ComfyBumpy

Searching for the best toddler bed rails at a risk-free price is a process. ComfyBumpy patent design made that process end. Their bed rails fit snug to the bed to ensure your child doesn't slip through the cracks. This design is the only bed rail guard that secures tightly to the slats and springs using Velcro, using straps on the box springs, or for a more permanent solution using a wood base and screws. These are the best bed rails and can easily adapt from a crib up to a king size bed.If you decide that these bed rails don't fit your needs then the company offers a money back guarantee.

21. Adjustable Bed Rails for Elderly Adults by Platinum Health

Getting older can be hard without having the necessary things in place to keep a person safe. LumaRail has a unique design that offers a LED motion sensor nightlight, to ensure safety, while getting out of bed at night. These bed rails are easy to assemble, with no tools required, as well as a strap that secures the rail to the bed. This no gap design fits twin up to king-size beds and includes the handle assist. Finding the best bed rails is easy thanks to LumaRail.

20. Regalo Toddler Bed Rails

Bed rails are a "must have" when it comes to smaller children. Whether it is the child transitioning to a bed from a crib or a parent wants added security at night. There are endless choices on the best toddler bed rails but Regalo has made the choice for you. These bed rails are easy to assemble, no tools needed, and easier to install. This gap free design keeps your child safe with it's 20" tall and 54" length rails. When not in use you can slide this rail under the mattress and hide it with ease. Keeps kids safe while keeping the parents happy.

19. Munchkin Bed Rail for Toddlers - Gray

Searching for the best toddler bed rails for a child between the ages of two and five can make anyone stir crazy. Munchkin has designed their bed rails for just that age group. This simple easy design offers a push button hinge that you can easily have access to the child or help the child out of bed. Its sleek design measures 18" height x 36" width and has safety straps to ensure a snug fit. This gap free design is suitable for any child and can be purchased in many different colors to match the child's room and making these some of the best bed rails you can buy.

18. White Mesh Bed Rails by Dream On Me

Having the best bed rails on your child's bed is great but what happens when you rearrange their rooms and the bed is no longer against the wall? Dream On Me has the solution to your problem. These bed rails are offered in a two count and have a mesh design to ensure a breathable sleep. There are no tools required to assemble or install the rails and offers a stabilizer bar for added safety. These bed rails fit a convertible crib and a twin size bed. These lightweight bed rails have a no catch design and are perfect for any child's bed.

17. Child Safety Rails for Beds by Safety 1st

Using safety rails, for a child's bed or even an elderly person's bed is a great way to keep them safe at night. Safety 1st offers a bed rail that is gap free and has a locking system that shows a red/green indicator so that you know the rail is locked in place. Safety 1st has some of the best bed rails on the market due to the fact that this particular bed rail fits any thickness of a mattress. The bed rails itself measures to 36″ long, 12″ - 18″ high, making this as safe as safe can get. 

16. Safety Rail for Medical Needs for Adults by Enable Medical Supply

Locating, easy to use and easy to install bed rails, is an easy task if you know what you are looking for. These portable bed rails are great for children, elderly, handicapped and anyone that struggles to maneuver out of bed. Enable Medical Supply offers the best bed rails because they are sturdy, easy to clean, easy to assemble, and helps prevent falls. They fit twin up to king size beds and adapts to either side of the bed. This makes it convenient, easy, and are well worth it.

15. 30" Adult Safety Rail for Beds by Standers

Older adults and handicapped adults always need extra security. Stander's bed rail design offers a two in one. This bed rail acts a safety net, as well as, an assist handle to ensure that your loved one doesn't roll out of bed or fall when getting out of bed. The easy 180-degree pivot makes it simple to move the rail from obstructing your path out of bed. This unique design attaches to most beds and can be placed on either side, as well as an optionally padded pouch to store things. Having the best bed rails ensures safety. Storage and safety all in one. 

14. Best Toddler Bed Rails by Joey's Room

Bed rails are easy to come by but searching for the best bed rails for your toddler can be time-consuming. Joey's room has a two count non-toxic plush bed rail that is designed with comfort in mind. Not only are these bed rails washable but there is no assembly required, as well as being easy to install. These fit twin up to king-size beds and if you are not happy they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Comfort and risk-free should be on your shopping list. 

13. Single Fold Safety Bed Rails by Summer Infant

The best bed rails are essential in raising children. Summer Infant has a wide selection of bed rails and this design makes things easier. These bed rails fit twin up to king size beds and fold down for access to your child or to change the linens. It's an easy to assemble project and measures 42.5" long and 21" high. Saving your precious time saves you from the frustration.

12. Best Medical Bed Rail for Seniors by Vaunn

Your loved one has a chance to fall and become completely dependent on you or a caretaker. Having the best bed rails can reduce the risk of this happening. Vaunn offers their bed rails to protect against falls and helps a loved one become more independent. No tools needed for assembly and they are ready to install in minutes. The heavy duty coated steel makes these durable and has a 300lb weight capacity. Great for anyone of any size to use these bed rails.

11. Bed Side Hand Rail by RMS

Can the best bed rails make a difference? The answer is, yes. RMS provides the public with quality bed rails that are adjustable and can be adjusted for any size bed. The three grip bars make it easier for your loved one to get in and out of bed, as well as the bed rails can be retracted under the mattress, for easy storage, while not in use. This design is made up of durable steel and can be wiped clean easily. These bed rails come with straps for added security and give the care givers and loved one's peace of mind.

10. Safety Bedside Rail for Adults by Medline

Purchasing bed rails for your loved one's bed is to ensure safety. Giving your loved one an added bonus, while ensuring safety, makes them happy as well as you. Medline's bed assist bar offers a pocket for your loved one, to store their important things. This durable steel bed rail adjusts to the size of the bed and fits most beds. Quick assembly and easy installation save you time. The measurements of one of the best bed rails are 36"-44" in height and 14" width x 28 and is made in the U.S.A.

9. Comfy Foam Bed Rail for Kids

Vacationing with your family is fun and memorable. Having the best bed rails, that can travel with you, makes thing simpler while on vacation. The Shrunks had that in mind when they designed these bed rails. These inflatable bed rails come with a pump, as well as an easy to use travel bag. These rails are offered in different sizes and depend on the bed your child will sleep in. The measurements of these particular bed rails are 48 inches long x 7 inches wide x 4 inches high and are recommended for ages two and up. These are not to replace your existing bed rails but are great for on the go.

8. Bedside Rails for Toddlers by Regalo

Having bed rails on your child's bed is done for safety but having the best bed rails that offer a hideaway method is great. These easy to assemble bed rails have a mesh design and can be easily washed. While not in use simply slide the rails in between the mattress and box springs and call it a day. This 43-inch by 20-inch bed rail is durable, lightweight, and have a gap-free design. Regalo Hide Away bed rails fit twin up to queen-size beds and require no tools to assemble. Perfect for anyone's busy schedule.

7. Safety Bed Rails for Babies and Toddler by Hot Mom

The best bed rails are important when it comes to the safety of your toddler. These compact folding bed rails are designed for most beds including slatted beds, standard beds, single beds and double beds. The netted interior and fabric contours protect a child from being hurt from falling out of bed, and breathable sleeping. Hot Mom bed rails are suitable for toddlers 18 months to five years of age. Convenient and portable to fit in any parents busy life. 

6. Bedtime Bed Rail by Raglo

Assembling bed rails can be time-consuming and a hassle. With Regalo bed rail designs there are no tools needed to assemble the rails. These bed rails are durable and sturdy, as well as this design allows you to remove the mesh cover and is machine washable. 43-inches long and 20-inches tall bed rails are easy to swing down and allow the parent to change the linens. These are the best bed rails for your toddler due to the gap guard technology and can easily fit a twin up to a queen size bed. Safety is a must when raising children. 

5. Bed Bumper Pad for Toddlers

Transitioning a toddler to a bed from a crib can be frightening to a parent unless they invest in the best bed rails. These plush bumper pads are ideal for that transition. These bed rail bumper pads are easy to install and require no assembly. Sliding these bumper pads under the sheets is easy and it ensures your child won't fall out of bed or have their hair caught up in the bed rail design. You can purchase one or two or more depending on what protection your child needs. PillowFlex designed these bumper pads with convenience and safety in mind.

4. Extra Long Bedrail for Kids by Regalo

Looking for the best bed rails that are not only durable but longer length wise is made easy with Regalo. This swing down design allows easy access as well as no tools required when assembling the rails. These 54-inch long and 20-inch tall bed rails add extra security for your child at night. Parents can conveniently remove the mesh cover and wash the material. These bed rails are designed to fit a twin up to a queen size mattress. Durable, easy, and practical for anyone's life.

3. Medical Bed Rails for Senior Adults

Non-slip, portable bed rails, for your loved ones, can be tricky to find and knowing what is the best bed rails is a task all in itself. Essential Medical Supply designs a bed rail that not only is durable but can be adjusted to the height of the bed. With a 17" to 21" sliding adjustable height. This design is primarily used for helping a loved one get in and out of the bed and not for keeping one from rolling out. These bed rails have a 300lb weight capacity and can fit any size bed. Essential Medical Supply offers straps with your bed rails to ensure there is no gap between the rails and bed. Considering all these facts this may be one of the best bed rails money can buy. All of this ensures that your loved one is happy. 

2. Foam Safety Rail for Beds

Anyone with children knows that having bed rails on your toddler's bed is a no brainer. Some people do not like the metal framed bed rails and don't feel their child is safe. Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers are made with that in mind. These plush bed rails not only provide safety and comfort but are also toxin-free. These are perfect for an active sleeper and are water-resistant, as well as washable. These plush bed rails are installed in seconds and can fit any bed. This makes them convenient and user-friendly, as well as one of the best bed rails on the market. 

1. Adjustable Medical Bed Rail for Seniors by Drive Medical

When it comes to your loved ones, the first thing that you are concerned with is safety. Finding the best bed rails that suit your needs is easy if you go with Drive Medical. This company designs their handle assist bed rails in three pieces to easily assemble with no tools required. This handle assist is durable and can fold flat for storage or portable convenience. The weight capacity is 250lbs and is easily adjustable. This portable design makes this one of the best bed rails on the market.

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