Top 25 Best Therapy Swing Products for Sale Online

If you're looking for a therapy swing for your special needs kid then you've come to the right place. We here at Furnsy have reviewed the top 25 best therapy swings for sale online. Enjoy your new therapy swing! 

25. Best Therapy Swing for Kids with Special Needs

Constructed from polyester mesh, this fun and function mesh therapy swing measures 45" x 60" and provides a safe haven for kids who need additional support when it comes to low muscle tone, sensory processing disorder and more. This particular Autism swing is heavy duty and can hold up to 200 pounds and helps in improving things such as balance, attention, coordination and the like. 

24. Autism Swing for Kids

Measuring roughly 24" x 59" x 24", this therapy swing is the perfect seat for any child weighing no more than 150 pounds. This particular product boasts that it is made from sturdy and durable material so it will not only last a long time but it is still comfortable thus making it functional. Additionally, all the required hardware comes with the Autism swing and includes the ceiling hooks as well as the carabiner; set up is easy. This swing is the best swing for children dealing with autistic like effects because the swing acts as a source of comfort while helping children with sensory issues. 

23. Swinging Chair for Therapy - Indoor and Outdoor

The Sorbus Hanging Rope Hammock is considered as the best therapy swing as it doesn't require a whole lot of elaborate hardware. However, in addition to the previous, this swing is the best because it can easily be hung up and relocated. Overall, the Autism swing is perfect for anybody to sit in and relax no matter the location. This hammock-like swing can be a great addition to the backyard, deck, or nearly anywhere else as it is easily portable. Furthermore, its cotton/polyester material makes it sturdy and comfortable. 

22. 100% Baltic Birch Therapy Swing for Special Need Kids

Designed as a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted therapy swing, this platform swing measures 30" x 30" and features a platform seat that has been carpeted for padded seating. Overall, this Autism swing can hold up tp 300 pounds and is perfect in helping those whole deal with movement sensations as it pertains to autism. This swing is helpful in this aspect as it has multi-directional movement thus offering a calm and relaxed feeling. This swing has been crafted from baltic birch material and is easy to setup with all required hardware and pieces needed to hang the swing properly. 

21. Affordable Therapy Net Swing for Kids

A more simple version of the therapy swing can be found in the net style design swing that is made from poly/nylon material. This autism swing can hold no more than 275 pounds and can be attached to nearly any type of supporting system that includes swing frames, doorway support bars, and more. This particular swing is easy to setup thanks, in part, to the "O" ring connectors used to hang the swing. Overall, this particular swing is a nice and simple solution to providing a calming sensation that can be easily enjoyed. 

20. Hanging Therapy Swing for Kids 

Another excellent solution when it comes to therapy swing seats, the pod swing chair nook seat by Sorbus is a versatile autism swing that can be setup (and knocked down easily so that it can be relocated to a different area or room. While the swing can be used inside and out the swing can only hold no more than 176 pounds. All the required hardware and accessories are included with this product. Overall, this swing offers a fun and enjoyable personal space for anybody, especially children, to enjoy spending downtime. 

19. Cheap Therapy Swings

Constructed with a fabric wrap integrated into a steel frame, the saucer spinner swing has a 24" diameter and can be hung as a single hanging therapy swing or from two separate points to create a traditional swing. While this swing can be used inside or outside the only stipulation is that the swing holds no more than 250 pounds. Overall, this autism swing offers a fun way to relax and is safe and durable thanks to the highest quality materials used in the design and construction. Additionally, this swing can not only be setup quickly but it can be broken down for easy storage; a definite space saver. 

18. Samay Kids Swinging Therapy Hammock

Measuring roughly 58" x 26", this Samay hanging pod therapy swing comes with an inflatable cushion in addition to all the required accessories and hardware needed to mount the swing. Furthermore, not only can the swing be used indoors and out but it is easy to setup and breaks down easily as well making it easy to store. Also worth mentioning is that this swing can be washed by machine, all that is required is to remove the cushion prior to washing. Ultimately, this swing can by anybody weighing less than 175 pounds and offers a fun way to relax. 

17. Indoor Therapy Net Swing by Rainy Day

The versatility of the indoor nest therapy swing can be best described as simple yet impressive as swing can be used as a hammock or in the sitting position. With the product dimensions measuring roughly 4" x 6" x 9", this swing is perfect for any adult or child and offers children a secure feeling while remaining safe. This swing can easily be set up with the use of the included pelican hooks in addition to the support bar that is not included with this product. Ultimately, this swing is perfect in that it shapes to the size of the child. 

16. Sensory Swing for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The DreamGym sensory therapy swing is a great selection when looking for this particular type of swing as it attracts the attention of children with autism. This swing is made from a blend of 92% cotton and 8% lycra and is versatile in that it can be used inside and out. Furthermore, the measurements of this swing are roughly 13" x 2" x 9" and holds no more than 100 pounds. Also worth mentioning is that all accessories and hardware pieces are included in the packaging of this product thus making this swing easy to setup and install. 

15. Therapy Hammock

The therapy swing cuddle hammock comes highly recommended for children who have autism, Down syndrome, and the like. While the swing can only hold up to a house the swing is constructed from a soft and stretchy fabric that is also durable. Set up and installation requires a properly installed ceiling bolt for the swing to be suspended from the ceiling or, alternatively, the swing can also be set up as a swing set. Although this particular swing is perfect for relaxing and as a sensory stimulus its material also allows for short around and even bounce up and down. Ultimately, this swing is also the perfect solution where physical therapy and occupational therapy are of the utmost need.

14. Giant Platform Swing for Many Kids at Once

If you are looking for a flat platform style therapy swing with a larger diameter than the Gaint Mat Platform Swing is an excellent option. It measures roughly 30" x 40" and is made from a heavy duty steel as well as heavy duty fabric thus making the swing durable and sturdy. While this swing is capable of seating multiple children at the same time the max weight the swing is able to hold is no more than 250 pounds. Furthermore, this swing is easy to install and is also collapsible for easy storage. This swing can be used inside and out. 

13. Tree Swing for Kids or Adults

Although it may not appear as though this super spinner therapy swing is safe for children to be around, let alone play on this swing has been designed to keep kids safe. The swing has a seat and can hold no more than 200 pounds. Additionally, the super spinner swing can be easily installed and used inside or out and can even be hung from a sturdy tree limb. Furthermore, the swing can hold not just one child but two thus extending the amount of fun to be enjoyed! This swing is made from heavy duty material and has a comfortable seat. 

12. Indoor Therapy Platform Swing 

When it comes to defining the best therapy swing most recommended by therapists, the indoor platform swing is the choice among the rest. Although this swing is intended for indoor use only, this swing offers a wide range of benefits as it pertains to physical and occupational therapy. Among the many advantages offered this swing aids in improving balance, strength, and many other aspects that are commonly focused on during therapy. Overall, this swing measures 28" x 28" and is 5 feet tall from where its ceiling hook. 

11. XXL Therapy Hammock Chair

When it comes to enjoying relaxation time look no further than the hammock chair therapy swing. considered the Cadillac of therapy swings, this swing is made of a breathable and soft material that stretches out to fit even a grown adult; it is, in fact, perfect for the whole family. Furthermore, this hammock chair swing stretches out to provide even more comfort and can be hung from anywhere; inside or out. As if that isn't enough, this hammock chair swing will even hold pets so they aren't left sitting on the sidelines. Speaking of holding, the swing can hold up to 330 pounds max and even comes with its own cup holder. 

10. Cuddle Hammock or Kids Reading Chair

Measuring roughly 60" x 22", this kids reading therapy swing chair features a durable cotton blend swing along with a woodland animal print. This swing is able to hold no more than 175 pounds and also contains a cushion for extended comfort. While this swing is only available for indoor use the small amount of space offers children a quiet little area to sit down and enjoy a good book, take a nap, or relax as their imagination roams free. The swing is perfect for gentle rocking and can be spot cleaned around the area(s) that get dirty. 

9. Baltic Birch Special Needs Swing 

Measuring roughly 20" x 40", the rectangular platform therapy swing holds up top 300 pounds while providing a perfect solution when it comes to physical therapy for children. This swing is constructed from Baltic birch material and ultimately serves as an excellent aid as it pertains to child development. Furthermore, this swing helps in helping children recognize motion as they get what it feels like to rock on the swing; it is also beneficial as it aids in calming a child down. 

8. Yoga Trapeze Swing for Therapeutic Uses

Intended more for yoga related activities, the yoga trapeze therapy swing is a bit different when compared to other swings reviewed in this list. However, this particular swing is made from nylon material and measures roughly, 12" x 8" x 6". Although this is a great tool for nearly all types of yoga activity the swing becomes more beneficial as it not only aids in relieving back pain but it also is a great help in loosening and strengthening muscles around the spine area. Furthermore, this swing is a great help in becoming even more flexible as it helps with deeper backbends. 

7. Hanging Pod Swing Chair for Kids

Made completely from cotton material, the Sorbus kids pod swing chair nook is a therapy swing that is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The swing can hold no more than 175 pounds at one time, however, offers a fun environment in which a child can enjoy time to relax in the comfort of his own personal space. The overall set up is quick and easy; all that is required is that the swing is hung from two suspension points. Additionally, this swing can easily be relocated and stored when not in use. The estimated measurements of this swing are 28" x 49" 20".

6. HappyPie Outdoor Hammock for Children or Small Adults

When it comes to offering your child tools and resources that aid in improving development and other related needs the folding hanging pod therapy swing seat is the perfect solution. Measuring roughly 28" x 51" x 21", this chair is versatile in that it is comfortable for anybody within the 150-pound weight limit. Furthermore, while it offers a private and quiet place to relax or enjoy their favorite activity this chair will also be a big help when it comes to meeting sensory needs such as balance and body perception. 

5. Hanging Tree Swing for Therapy

Constructed from a 6-ton copper material, this safe and sturdy 27" diameter swing set offers a fun entertaining time for up to 2 riders at once. It has a holding capacity up to 200 pounds and can either be hung from a sturdy tree or a different support system such as a swing set. Altogether, this swing is heavy duty and boasts that it can't be broken or cracked thus claiming to stand the test of time, within reason of course. Furthermore, the swing set comes with an installation kit that is easy to understand making the entire setup process quick and simple. 

4. 400lb Weight Capacity Therapy Swing

Boasting a 400-pound weight limit, the flying saucer tree swing is a fun swing that can be hung from a tree and enjoyed by the entire family. It is sturdy and made from heavy duty material and is even easy to setup as there is no assembly required whatsoever. Furthermore, because it is made from heavy duty materials this swing is built to last and is proven to stand the test of time. The swing ropes use extra thick ropes and will attach to the 30" diameter base providing more time to be entertained with family and friends alike. 

3. Autism Swing for Therapy

Another great choice when it comes to swings used for therapeutic purposes, the cuddle hammock offers a simple and functional solution for all your therapeutic needs. Rather a child needing sensory stimulus or using the swing to calm one down from ADHD related symptoms this swing offers a small quiet and comfortable space if only needed to comfortably relax. While the swing is the color blue, a nice calming color, the swing itself hangs from a single ceiling hook and takes up nearly all the space provided between floor and ceiling. Additionally, while the swing is intended for therapeutic purposes, such as the ones stated above, this is perfect for anyone weighing no more than 120 pounds. 

2. Yoga or Pilates Hammock

Intended more for yoga related and pilates activities, the Wellsem Deluxe aerial yoga hammock measures roughly 197" x 110" and is designed to aid in becoming more flexible in the body while strengthening the core portion of the muscle group. As a result of a strengthened core balance and stability will increase. Furthermore, this swing hammock is constructed from soft nylon fabric and can withstand up to 2000 pounds. Moreover it this swing can hold up to 10 people at a single time. additional to the strengthening and balance benefits that this swing offers this swing also aids in improving overall alertness and focus as being suspended in the air requires one to be aware of the surroundings. 

1. Light Blue Therapeutic Swing by InYard

Ideal for special needs children commonly dealing with Autistic related symptoms, such as sensory problems, ADHD, or anxiety the indoor therapy autistic swing offers many great benefits that aid in regulating behavior as well as balance and awareness in addition to even more. While the swing itself comes highly recommended by many occupational and physical therapists the swing is constructed from a durable, yet stretchy fabric that comes in a calming light blue and offers additional strength to hold up to an approximated 120 pounds. When it comes to the installation of this swing setup is easy as the swing hangs from a ceiling hook screwed into a supporting beam for additional strength.

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