Top 25 Best Oak Furniture Pieces for Sale Online

On the hunt for some incredibly well-made oak furniture for your bedroom, living room, or office? If so, we here at Furnsy have a treat for you today! We've searched far and wide to bring you the top 25 best oak furniture pieces for sale online. From elegant oak bookshelves to solid oak bedroom sets, we've found the perfect piece to fit your lifestyle. 

25. 7-Piece Oak Furniture Dining Room Set by East West

This table and chairs set from East West Furniture is a set that will last. It is made of all wood, and that is what people should look for in oak furniture. They will want to see that every item is made with high-quality wood, like this set, and that it is a timeless set like this one, too. The chairs and table have a classic look, and that makes this set some of the best oak furniture. The seats are comfortable and fit well with the table, and the set as a whole is something that anyone would feel good about putting in their home.

24. Solid Oak Chest Drawer by Furniture of America

Furniture of America knows how to put together great oak furniture, and this chest drawer from them is no exception. It stands tall and looks classic in the way that it has been designed. It is made of sturdy wood and has plenty of storage space. It is a handsome looking and high-quality chest, and that makes it one of the best oak furniture pieces.

23. Complete Oak Furniture Bedroom Set by Roundhill

Roundhill Furniture makes great oak furniture because they use only the strongest of wood. This furniture set has a nice, gleaming look to it that really helps to make the wood at its best. Each of the pieces is made of the best wood and has been designed to have a nice and simple appearance. The best oak furniture is the stuff that has been carefully designed by a company that cares about the way that it makes the furniture, and this company has worked hard on this set to make it look just right.

22. Black Sonoma Oak Bar Cabinet by Altra Furniture

Those who want to bring a bit of a modern look to their home, even while using oak furniture will love this cabinet from Altra Furniture. It is dark and has a sleek look. It is a bar cabinet, so it can hold all of the drinks that one wants to put in it, and the sturdy wood that is used in it will help it to stand tall for a long time.

21. Handmade Oak Coffe Table with Copper Pipe Legs by Niangua Furniture

Good looks aren't the only thing going for this Niangua Furniture coffee table, but it is a functional piece, as well. And since this is a piece of oak furniture, it is something that is going to remain strong for a long time. It has been given a carefully crafted and beautiful design, and it has a modern and rustic look to it. It is a fairly simple coffee table, and that makes it one of the best oak furniture pieces. Those who want to find the best oak furniture should think about what they want, and if they want something like this simple coffee table, then they should buy it right away and let it do its thing in their home.

20. Rustic Oak End Table by Leick Furniture

Leick Furniture knows what it is doing with oak furniture, and it has made this beautiful end table to prove it. Everything about this end table is classic and classy, and the oak that has been used to build it looks great with the dark stain. It is a small and simple table that can be placed beside the couch without being noticed too much, but that will still make a bit of a statement because of the beautiful wood that was used to make it. Those who want a piece with a dark stain and a classic look should bring this one into their home and see what it can do there. They will enjoy looking at it each day, and they will be glad to know that it is made with the best, highest quality wood so that it will last for a long time.

19. Vintage Oak Furniture Shelf by Sauder

Sauder has put together this gorgeous shelf with a special design, and it is one that anyone who loves vintage looking furniture will love. It is an oak furniture shelf that looks great when it is put in a room because it is so high quality. It has been made to have a vintage and old look, but that does not take away from the great wood that was used to build it. It is made of real wood, so it lasts for a long time, in addition to looking great.

18. 4 Drawer Oak Chest by Sauder Furniture

There are many great oak furniture chests that come from Sauder, and this is one of the best. This chest has four drawers and an uncomplicated look. It goes well in any room that it is placed in because of the simple look that it has, and that also allows for the wood to stand out. The oak that is used on this chest is of the highest quality, and that is seen when one takes a look at it.

17. Mission Style Side Table with Oak Finish by Furniture for America

This little side table from Furniture of America will make anyone happy because it is an oak table. Those who love oak furniture will be glad to incorporate this little side table into any room of their house. It has an interesting design with a door on the front and many pieces of wood making up the construction. It is beautiful, and it is a table that looks as high quality as it is.

16. Elegant White Oak TV Stand by We Furniture

WE Furniture has made a media stand like no other with this one. It doesn't look like the typical piece of oak furniture, but it has a gray appearance, instead of a natural wood color. There is also glass incorporated into the design of the doors, giving it a modern look. The distressed appearance of the gray wood along with the glass help to make this media stand look different from the competitors, and it is great for anyone who wants a modern oak furniture piece in their home.

15. 5-Shelf Oak Bookcase by Sauder

This five shelf bookshelf from Sauder is an oak furniture shelf that looks smooth and beautiful. The wood has been carefully chosen for this shelf and is high quality. The five shelves fit a lot, and it is great for going in any room because of how versatile it is, as well. The look of the shelf is plain and simple, making it fit well with any other furniture in a room.

14. Distressed Oak Gaming Tower by Home Styles

Oak furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and this shelf from Home Styles is different than most. It is made up of wood and metal, and it stands tall like a tower. It has an interesting look, as it is very open, and it is great for showing off items that one wants to put on display. It is a dark shelf, with the black metal and darker stained wood, and the drawer on one of the shelves offers a unique storage option.

13. Carolina Oak Bookshelf by Sauder Furniture

This shelf from Sauder is very simple and basic. It is great for a library or any room where books will be put on display. It is a piece of oak furniture that is sturdy and strong, and that is seen right away when one takes a look at it. It is all hard wood, and it is stained in a beautiful way. There are a few details around the edges of the shelf, and they help to make it look beautiful and special.

12. Salt Oak Bookcase by Sauder Harbor View

Oak furniture from Sauder is always carefully designed and put together with the best materials, and this shelf from the brand is no different. It has been designed to look beautiful with all of the detailing on the front of the cabinet doors and on the top of the shelf, and there is plenty of room for storage with this shelf. There is a drawer in addition to the lower cabinet, and the whole shelf is put off the floor a bit with round feet. It is made of an interesting colored wood, and the light look brightens up any room that it is put in.

11. Sonoma Oak Bookcase by Altra Furniture

Altra Furniture has done well with this small bookcase. It stands on metal legs and has four drawers and two open shelves. Those who want a piece of oak furniture that looks different will love the way that this little shelf appears. It has a modern design and a special look to the wood. It is high quality, and the lighter color of the oak really helps it to appear modern and classy. It holds a lot, and the drawers can easily be removed.

10. Solid 6-Shelf Oak Bookcase

Prepac has put together this simple oak furniture shelf, and the six shelves are sure to store whatever one needs to put on it. Anyone would feel happy having this shelf in their home because it is a basic and beautiful piece. The shelves are open and will hold a lot, and the color of the stain used for this shelf is what one would expect of an oak shelf. It is rich and warm, and it is the perfect piece for any room one chooses to put it in.

9. Highland Oak 4 Drawer Chest by Sauder

Four drawers make up this chest from Sauder, and it is an oak furniture piece that anyone would love to have because of all of the room that it gives them for storage. They can use all of the drawers and the top of the chest for storage, and they will love the way that this piece looks in their home. The classic design and color of the chest make it appear very nice, and the handles on it are as uncomplicated as can be, as well.

8. 5-Drawer Rustic Oak Chest by South Shore Furniture

This South Shore oak furniture chest is very modern with the color of the wood used and the simple straight handles on each drawer. There are five drawers on this chest, and it stands tall to meet the needs of the one using it. It has been designed in an uncomplicated way, and the wood that is used for it is high quality. It is built to do its job and to last for years to come.

7. Medium Oak Finish Mission Style Sofa Table by Leick Furniture

Those who want a good sofa table will be happy with this oak furniture table from Leick. It is a strong and sturdy piece that has a warm stain and a nice appearance. There are drawers at the top and a lower shelf on the bottom. it is perfect for sitting on the sofa, and its rich stain will add to the warmth of the room. It is a high quality and sturdy piece that anyone will love at first sight. It is great for placing decorations on, or for any other need that one may have, and the drawers are nice for extra storage, as well.

6. 5-Drawer Chest with Various Kinds of Oak by South Shore

South Shore has made many great pieces of oak furniture, and this one is dark and modern. The black wood used to create this piece gives it a unique look, as do the way that the drawers pull out. There aren't typical handles or knobs on them, but this five drawer chest has simple, flat handles. It is a beautiful dark chest that looks great in any room that it is put in because it is so modern and unique.

5. Mission Oak Media Stand by Remington

Southern Enterprises has put together this gorgeous oak furniture media stand. Anyone who is looking for the best oak furniture will want to consider this stand because it is so rich and beautiful. The warm tones of the oak really go well with the glass that has been put on the front of the piece to make it appear classy. It is an elegant media stand with two doors with shelves behind them, and two shelves in the middle, as well. It is great for a bedroom or any room where one has a TV, and they will love the warmth that it brings to whichever room they choose to put it in.

4. Dark Oak Rocking Chair Furniture

There are many great oak furniture pieces put out there by Furniture of America and other brands, but this one really stands out as being one of the better ones. When people think of oak furniture their mind might not automatically go to a rocking chair, but it should. One of the best pieces of furniture made out of wood is a rocking chair, and everyone should have one like this in their home. This rocking chair has been made out of the finest wood to give it a sturdy and beautiful look. It is solid and has a square back, but there is a cushion on the seat to keep the one who is using it feeling comfortable. It is a simple looking rocking chair, and yet the dark wood and the overall design will help to make it stand out when placed in any room.

3. Sonoma Oak Tv Console Table with Fireplace by Altra Furniture

This fireplace TV console from Altra is much different than the average media stand, and it is great for anyone who wants to bring a modern piece of oak furniture to their home. Everything about this stand is modern and unique, and it will immediately add warmth to a room because of the fireplace. Not just in feelings, but in looks, it will make the room cozier. It is a gorgeous stand beyond the fireplace, as well, with its gray look. There is a cabinet on either side of the fireplace, and they provide storage space for whatever one wants to keep under there. The top of the stand has two layers of shelves, as well, and there is plenty of space for a DVD player or gaming system in addition to the TV.

2. Medium Oak Bed Headboard with Rails by Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale Furniture is careful about the way that it makes the oak furniture that it puts out there, and this bed is proof of that. Anyone who wants their bedroom to look great will want to have a headboard that stands out, and that is what this headboard does. It is made of many pieces of oak all put together to give it a railed appearance, and the color of the oak is very basic. It is a headboard that can be put on the bed in any bedroom, without worrying that it will class with all of the other furniture. It is simple and not too large, and it just adds a bit of warmth and fun to the room.

1. Complete Oak Dining Table Set with Oak Chairs

East West Furniture has made a lot of good oak furniture, and this dining set from them is sturdy and beautiful. The simple look of the chairs and table help it to fit well in any home, no matter what one's taste in design is. They will love the light color of the furniture and how the square table and chairs are so simple. They are small enough to fit in pretty much any space, and yet the four chairs provide great seating options when guests come over. This sturdy set it made of real wood, and that is something that will make anyone love it. The best oak furniture is the stuff that looks simple, and yet beautiful, and that is what this set is.

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