Top 25 Best Dollhouse Supplies for the Money

We here at Furnsy absolutely love miniature dollhouse, and thus, the dollhouse supplies that accompany them. It's with this in mind that we've compiled a list of our favorite 25 dollhouse kits for sale online. Enjoy your new dollhouse supplies!

25. Greenleaf Dollhouse Kit

This charming dollhouse kit is an enjoyable challenge to put together, and the handmade details are exquisite. The silk screened windows and sweet front porch will ignite the imagination of any child who receives the finished product. All dollhouse supplies are included in the kit with the exception of siding.

24. Greenleaf Dollhouse Supplies - Complete Kit

This dollhouse kit is a joy for any hobbyist to put together. The finished house is a scaled model of a country farmhouse. The kit comes with all the dollhouse supplies needed to create the house. The fact that you made it was made by a loved one will make this that much more special for the receiver of this gift.

23. Miniature Dollhouse Supplies - 92 Piece

This set of dollhouse supplies provides everything needed to create a tiny fairy garden. The adorable variety of species included in this set will keep children playing for hours. The tiny pieces are not safe to be handled by children under three but are the perfect size for older children to manipulate with tweezers.

22. DIY Dollhouse Supplies and Kit

This dollhouse kit comes with everything you need to put together a miniature bakery and coffee shop. Furniture is included to set the scene for hours of imaginative play. The only dollhouse supplies that are not included in this kit are glue and batteries, which can easily be found at any craft or hobby store.

21. Miniature White Paper Flower for a Dollhouse

These exquisite miniature calla lily dollhouse supplies are made from mulberry paper. They perfect for pretend wedding scenarios but an imaginative young mind could find endless scenarios to act out with these beautiful white flowers. The set includes calla lilies and wire that can be assembled into a bouquet or used in other decorative ways and are the perfect size for a dollhouse.

20. Wooden Dollhouse Supplies - Table and Chairs


These wooden table and chairs dollhouse supplies can serve a multitude of uses in any dollhouse. The do-it-yourself set is cute and tiny and will ignite the spark of imagination in any child. The tabletop and seats are decorated with intriguing Asian lettering and other fine details. The set is a darling addition to virtually any room in any dollhouse. The possibilities are endless.

19. Pack of 6 Miniature Straw Hats for a Dollhouse

This cute straw hat dollhouse supplies set come in quantities of six. They can be used in a variety of ways, including on tiny doll heads or as table top decorations. They are sure to add to a festive atmosphere for imaginative play in any dollhouse.

18. Princess Dollhouse Castle Supplies


This castle dollhouse set will set the scene for the world of fairy tales. It comes with 4 crowned dolls decked in royal attire, two horses, a carriage and ample furnishings. Included with the furniture are two thrones which will really help for pretend play of a variety of royal scenes. The castle itself includes cute details such as pink paving stones, a fountain, a stable for the horses, and it even has vines growing on its towers! 

17. Dollhouse Miniature Furniture

The intricate detail in this bathroom shelf unit dollhouse supplies set is exquisitely charming. Each shelf contains life like, tiny replicas of the stuff of daily hygiene rituals. Soft pink towels, rolls of toilet paper, a straight razor, and even a miniature mortar and pestle add realistic touches to any dollhouse bathroom. This set is perfect for both dollhouse collectors and children who wish to engage in dramatic play scenarios.

16. Full-size Dollhouse Supplies for Kids

This jumbo sized dollhouse is the perfect size for 18-inch dolls. The three stories in the house will keep a child engaged in imaginative play for hours on end. The twelve pieces of furniture can be arranged and rearranged in the four-room dollhouse set. The two spiral staircases and third-floor balcony add a fun, modern feel to the dollhouse. Details on the walls, including transparent windows, a portrait of a ballerina, and a vanity make this dollhouse set extra special. Even the floors are decorated! The set comes with all the dollhouse supplies you need to get started.

15. Pack of 6 Miniature Kittens for a Miniature Dollhouse

This set of six adorable tabby cats are made of resins and are the perfect addition to any dollhouse set, fairy garden, or decorative shadow box display. They can even be used as party favors! The orange and white fur on these cats looks soft enough to stroke. The possibilities for these lovely creatures is endless.

14. Mod Podge Dollhouse Glue

This matte sealer is perfect for using on dollhouse supplies. The matte finish will allow you to seal wallpaper and floor finishes to any dollhouse without that unrealistic, shiny finish so many dollhouses seem to have. In addition to being used as a sealant, it works great for decoupage. It can also be used as a medium for water-based paint.

13. 2 Pack of Miniature Trees for Dollhouse

These tiny trees can be used as more than just dollhouse supplies. They can be used in train sets, dioramas, any tiny decorative scene would benefit from a touch of nature that they can add. The flocked leaves are covered with green powder. They are held in place by plastic stands.

12. 80 Micro Pieces of Paper Flower

These exquisite cherry blossoms are made of mulberry paper and can be used in a plethora of DIY dollhouse projects. They are more than just dollhouse supplies. They can be used in scrapbooks or even in card making. They are so tiny and adorable!

11. Corona Dollhouse Kit

This unique Victorian set of dollhouse supplies has everything you need to build a charming 1”=1’ scale house. The exquisite details of this house include double hung windows, ornate trim, a bay window, and shingles. The wood comes unfinished, leaving room for the builder to add their own personal touch to this project.

10. Miniature Popcorn Machine for a Tiny Dollhouse

This tiny, perfect popcorn machine could be either as a miniature or as part of a dollhouse set. While it is not recommended for children, it is an excellent addition to an adult hobbyist’s dollhouse collection. The doors of the popcorn machine open and the wheels really roll! 

9. 5 Piece Dollhouse Bathroom Supplies Kit

The floral pattern on this set of bathroom dollhouse supplies will charm you. It is made of all new metal and ceramics. Details included in this set are a toilet that really open and close and a metal plug in the bath tub. The tiny toilet brush adds a realistic touch to this adorable collection. This bathroom set is a perfect addition to any dollhouse. 

8. Miniature Mushroom for Dollhouse Kits

This adorable purple and green miniature mushroom cluster is one of the cutest items on this list of dollhouse supplies. While it would perfect to add to the outside of a dollhouse, it could also be used as part of a tiny fairy garden or even a whimsical shelf decoration. It is made of resin and it is one of the most affordable dollhouse items on the list.

7. 3 Piece Miniature Flowers for Dollhouse Supplies

These adorable potted plants are in real clay plots. In addition to being used as dollhouse supplies, they are also the perfect size to be used with Barbie® dolls. The set includes a lifelike blossoming sunflower, Gerber daisy, and an iris. The colors are brilliant and would be a great part of any miniature collection.

6. Wooden Dollhouse Supplies

This set of dollhouse supplies comes with easily followed instructions and requires no screws or nails to put it together. Included in the set are a piano with bench, a desk with a matching chair, a round table, and a bookshelf. Get creative and add your own personal touch to this set by choosing to paint or stain them. These could go in the library or the living room of a dollhouse or could be used in other creative projects like a college or even in a shadowbox.

5. 8 Piece Miniature Dollhouse Food Supplies

This is a set of delicious looking kitchen dollhouse supplies. The set includes eight pieces made of resin and includes cupcakes, tiny pieces of cake, and adorable doughnuts that look good enough to eat. Serve dessert to your dolls in a pretend bakery or dollhouse setting. The brilliant colors of these tasty treats make them irresistible for both dollhouse enthusiasts and collectors older than three years old. There are three slices of cake, three cupcakes, and two donuts with sprinkles.

4. Bathroom Dollhouse Supplies

This set of unfinished wooden bathroom furniture is a joy for any adult to put together. This set of dollhouse supplies includes a tub, a toilet, a shelf unit, a single shelf, a medicine cabinet with a mirror and a framed mirror, a corner shelf, a vanity, and an additional bathroom cupboard. It is an adorable addition to any dollhouse. Some of the pieces in this collection could be used in a variety of rooms. It is recommended for ages 12 and up. 

3. 10 Piece Miniature Dollhouse Baskets

Amazingly realistic tiny baskets made of real rattan come in sets of ten. They can be used with miniature flower sets to create flower arrangements for your dollhouse supplies. They are of excellent quality.

2. Miniature Dollhouse Medical Supplies

This is a tiny doctor kit for dolls that includes a stethoscope and other medical tools. It is the perfect size for use in a dollhouse, or with Barbie dolls.

1. Excel Deluxe Dollhouse Supply Set

This tool set includes everything you need to assemble dollhouses and dollhouse furniture and it comes in a handy toolbox.

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