The Best Standing Desk Chair for Sale Online

If you're on the hunt for the absolute best standing desk chair then you've come to the right place. Here at Furnsy, we've reviewed the top 25 best chairs for standing desks. From modern standing desk chairs to traditional office setting chairs, we've found the best of the best. Enjoy!

25. Best Standing Desk Chair by Kore

Kore is responsible for this chair that is among the best standing desk chairs for office settings. Get a little exercise while sitting on this chair because it is similar to sitting on an exercise ball. The ball-like base allows a wide range of motion without having to get up. This is the best feature of this chair because it brings together the best of both worlds. It allows sitting and movement all at the same time and makes for a great chair for standing desks. It can be adjusted from a height of 22 inches to 31 inches.

24. VariChair Standing Desk Chair by Varidesk 

The VARIChair is on top of the list for the best standing desk chair on the market. This chair can help keep core muscles active while sitting for a prolonged period of time. This chair comes fully assembled and is fully adjustable. It can be raised to a height of 32.75 inches. The VARIChair is a great chair for improving and maintaining posture. This chair allows a varying range of mobility whether sitting or standing. The weighted base makes this chair a breeze to work with allowing stability and control while engaging in movement while sitting.

23. 20" Adjustable Standing Desk Chair by Office Star

This durable Office Star adjustable height desk chair offers great back support with its breathable screen back and mesh seat that has built-in lumbar support. There are two adjustment points where sitters can adjust the back and the footrest for a comfortable seat. The adjustable footrest makes this a great chair for standing desks. Office Star specializes in providing durable products with a green footprint. This chair is GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions. It will work great in a bright office setting with plenty of indoor plants making it the best standing desk chair for the environmentally conscious.

22. Fancy Standing Desk Office Chair by Modway

Modway offers the perfect studio chair as the best standing desk chair for the office. This chair is perfect for the musician who needs the ease of standing up to play an instrument. This is a highly flexible chair because it can be used in a myriad of ways. This Modway chair is the perfect chair for standing desks because of its edge drafting stool. It offers a great ergonomic design offering good back support and promoting great posture. This multi-purpose chair can be used in several different office settings. It has a 360-degree swivel base allowing for a full range of motion to access multiple viewpoints.

21. Stand Up Leaning Seat for Standing Desks by Focal Upright

Focal Upright has one of the most ingenious solutions for standing. This chair is the best chair for standing desks because it literally allows you to stand without the wear and tear of standing. This chair takes away the pressure that standing alone can apply to the spine. Focal Upright's standing chair is lightweight and makes portability easy. It is fully adaptable and can be used indoors and outdoors with a short change of the footing. This chair promotes good posture by allowing a hip-to-torso range of 130 – 135. This is undoubtedly the best standing desk chair for reducing the negative effects prolonged standing can have on the body.

20. Adjustable Height Red Leather Standing Desk Chair by Learniture

Learniture offers a great chair for standing desks that will also promote a great body. Not only does it promote great posture, but it also allows the strengthening of core muscles due to its backless seat. This chair is lightweight and can be adjusted in height from 18 ½ inches to 28 inches. This is a fully adaptable seat that can accommodate all types of body frames and offers the best support. This is the best standing desk chair because of the range of mobility the backless seat allows that encourages consistent rocking and movement. This chair offers full functionality and can easily be used at normal height desks as well as with standing height desks.

19. Designer Standing Desk Chair - 20 Colors to Choose From


This vibrant black stool by Flash Furniture is multi-faceted and can be used as a simple bar chair or can be used as a chair for standing desks. It has a modern design that easily allows it to blend it with a kitchen or home office. It has a height adjustable swivel seat making it the best standing desk chair. This chair offers supreme comfort with its molded tractor-style seat and its height adjustable chrome foot ring. This is the best standing desk chair to be used in a cubicle sales office or for a quaint residential office space. Its supportive base makes it a long-lasting commodity.

18. Faux Leather Winsome Spectrum Standing Desk Chair

Winsome produces this modern stool that can serve as the best standing desk chair. This chair has a contoured faux-leather seat that allows full back support and a swivel base. This chair is height adjustable from 24 to 30 inches. This chrome based chair has ABS Airlift feature which allows ease in adjusting the height. This is an affordable stool that offers a crisp modern appeal to compliment a wet bar or standing desk.

17. Drafting Chair for Standing Desks by Boss Office Products

This stylish chair by Boss Office Products sports LeatherPlus black upholstery giving it a sleek and modern look. It is undoubtedly the best standing desk chair for the office. This chair has seat tilt locking that allows the chair seat to lock into a specific tilt range. It offers support loop arms that give this chair a traditional feel with the height needed to make it a great standing desk chair. This chair has a 20-inch diameter chrome foot ring atop a nylon base. This chair has a lot to offer making it the beset standing desk chair. Its cool and style design makes it an attractive accessory to a new office.

16. Black Vinyl Standing Desk Chair by Flash Furniture

This counter height adjustable chair by Flash Furniture gives a jazzy appearance with a button tufted design. It is an office chair that is sure to draw attention. It offers a swivel seat that offers a range of motion for an easy social hour or for accessing various areas of a standing desk. This chair has a chrome finish footrest with matching base to sign off the elegant style it has to offer. This style includes the walnut bentwood frame finish that gives it a lovely stance. This chair can be multi-purposeful for both leisure and work.

15. Fancy Office Desk Standing Chair by Modway

Modway offers this beautiful reception desk chair that can be used as the best standing desk chair. This chair can adjust its height from 22.5 inches to 30 inches with its hydraulic seat adjustment. This Modway chair is a great standing chair to accompany a standing desk where constant standing is inevitable. It has an ergonomic design that features lower back lumbar support and a padded waterfall mesh seat. This chair also offers a full 360-degree swivel that will make transitional from seated to standing easy. This chair offers multiple uses. It can be used as a studio chair, a desk chair, or a chair for standing desks.

14. Modway Standing Desk Chair

Modway is at it again with this stunning multi-purpose office chair. This height adjustable chair can be used as an artsy studio chair, a standing desk chair, or a regular office chair. It is height adjustable up to 31.5 inches. This chair makes the best standing desk chair due to its height ability coupled with its ergonomic design. It features a mesh back and a thick foam padded mesh seat giving it a modern design that will make any office stand out. The Modway chair will be the best standing desk chair fit for the best standing desk in the office.

13. Cheap Standing Desk Chair by Amazon

Amazon Basics has a mesh back that offers comfort and support for any type of desk. This chair is height adjustable up to 24 inches. It has a 225-pound maximum weight capacity with pneumatic seat-height adjustment. The seat is padded for extra comfort making it the best standing desk chair to have. It has a contoured mesh back for breathability. It has carpet wheels making it a great chair for any type of desk environment including being a great chair for standing desks.

12. Adjustable Mesh Drafting Desk Chair by Boss Office

This office chair by Boss Office Products comes with a 25-inch nylon base and a 20-inch chrome foot ring. It is height adjustable with pneumatic gas lift. It also has height adjustable arms. This chair offers an open mesh back with a solid metal back frame with ballistic nylon wrap. It has hooded double wheel casters allowing its ease of movement. This chair has what is needed to be the best standing desk chair.

11. Adjustable Balance Ball Standing Desk Stool by Gaiam

This adjustable height chair by Gaiam is the best standing desk chair to buy. It signatures a half-dome inflatable cushion as the seat. This seat design encourages mini movements that will strengthen the core, improve posture and boost circulation. This chair will adjust up to 33 inches making it the best standing desk chair. This chair is lightweight and compact and glides easily on 5 lockable, easy-glide caster wheels. This chair also features a circular foot rest.

10. Black Mesh Drafting Desk Chair by Eurotech

This chair by Eurotech is the epitome of the best standing desk chair. It is fully adjustable with a seat height range from 23.2 inches to 32.7 inches. This chair is able to adjust in many directions. The seat and back are adjustable as well as the arm height and width. It is made with durable mesh fabric material. It has a chrome circular foot ring atop a sturdy black base that rests on five dual wheel casters.

9. Affordable Standing Desk Office Chair

Office Star offers this sleek back chair that competes as the best standing desk chair. It has two points of adjustments to make this a comfortable chair to use in the office or on the sales floor. It offers back height and seat depth adjustment as well as a height adjustable foot ring. This is a sturdy chair with a heavy-duty nylon base and dual wheel carpet casters. It will be a perfect standing desk chair.

8. Modern Standing Desk Chair by Hon Basyx

Basyx by HON presents the best standing desk chair that is mesmerizing to the eyes and comfortable to the body. This chair allows mobility that makes work easy without compromising posture. It can swivel a full 360 degrees for side to side movement and easily tilt back and forward for easy desk access. It has a waterfall ergonomic seat edge that promotes good circulation while increasing balance and strength. It is durable and backed by a 5-year warranty. This chair has everything it takes to be the best standing desk chair. It is cool and attractive with a lot of practicality.

7. Affordable Vinyl or Fabric Standing Desk Chair for Offices

Office star creates another best standing desk chair that is both durable and comfortable. It has a thick padded black vinyl seat that is height adjustable. It is height adjustable up to 36 inches. Adjust the seat on this chair with ease with its pneumatic seat height adjustment. This seat offers a convenient range of motion with its 360-degree swivel base. It offers a nice break from standing with its immobile teardrop footrest. The legs on this chair sport a bright chrome base with dual wheel carpet casters and convenient glides.

6. Hon Standing Desk Chair

Sit in style with this leather chair imported by HON. The leather style of this chair makes it the best standing desk chair you can find with durability and style. This chair is priced just right but does not cut corners on design. It boasts SofThread leather seats with hand stitching. This chair is fully adjustable making it easy to work with standing desk. This makes it the best standing desk chair. It has an ergonomic design that promotes great posture with its contoured seat and back cushions. The adjusting comes with us with its pneumatic height adjustment. Expect to keep this chair around for years to come and if something happens, don't worry, HON has a full lifetime warranty for this hot office chair.

5. Contemporary Standing Desk Stool by Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture offers this barstool that can double as the best standing desk chair on the shelf. It is height adjustable making it fit for an easy transition from the bar to the desk. It sports black vinyl upholstery and a walnut bentwood frame finish. It is truly stylish and would fit well with a perfect oak desk holding a and adjustable height standing desktop. It is a comfortable chair and is the best standing desk chair offering a curved comfortable seat and back with a swivel seat and a stunning chrome base with a chrome foot rest.

4. Ergonomic Wobble Stool Chair for Standing Desks

The Stand Up Desk Store offers the best standing desk chair in their wobble stool chair. This chair is intended to promote mobility while sitting. It has a counterbalanced base with a non-skid surface that allows unlimited mobility as you sit. This chair allows rocking, titling, and leaning. This chair is manufactured with a protective finished base that prevents scuffs and scratches on the floor. Adjusting this chair is easy with its pneumatic lift mechanism. It can be adjusted to a height range up to 34.5 inches. This chair is sure to keep anyone sitting in it mobile and healthy.

3. Modern Office Chair for Standing Desks by Modway

Modway is responsible for this great chair. It is the perfect chair for musicians and artists to prop on while they still need their footing to play and work. It is ergonomically designed to support the back and thighs and support a perfect posture. It swivels a full 360-degree turn and the seat tilts with the ability to tighten the tilt. This can be the best standing desk chair for any studio. It does well with any high desk or bar or lower level desk. Its versatility allows a rotation of standing and sitting to promote a healthy work environment.

2. Adjustable Standing Desk Chair by Boss Office

Look no further for the best standing desk chair. Boss Office Products manufactures this ergonomic chair that contours to the natural shape of the spine to offer comfort and support. See an increase in productivity with this chair. This chair is upholstered in Caressoft vinyl which makes cleaning this chair a breeze. It features an adjustable seat with a vertical height range of 6 inches. It is supported by a chrome base with a circular foot ring for great foot support.

1. Modway Veer Stool-Chair for Desk That Stands - 4 Colors

Modway designs this stunning and durable office chair. It is truly the best standing desk chair. It has a sturdy form-fitted mesh back and a padded waterfall mesh seat that offers great support for your back and thighs. This chair is fully adjustable to fit any desk. The seat can tilt forward and backward for the perfect seating position. It features a one-touch pneumatic lift with hooded dual-wheel casters. This makes the mobility of this chair a great feature. This chair offers a chrome foot ring with a large support base. This is the best standing desk chair offering a full range of comfort and support features.

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