The Best Modern Baby Furniture for Sale Online

If you're looking for the best modern baby furniture for sale online, then look no further because we here at Furnsy have reviewed hundreds for your convenience. From modern baby cribs to modern baby shelving, bassinets, and more, we've found the best of the best. Enjoy!

25. Best Modern Baby Furniture by Babyletto - Dresser Drawer

When searching for the best modern baby furniture, few are nicer than the gray and white changer and dresser. The dresser has a non-toxic finish as well if parents are concerned for their baby's safety. The changing table is at the top of the furniture, and to save space, comes with a built-in dresser. This is handy for lots of reasons. Babies need quite a few clothes, and to have them all organized, one needs a dresser as well. 

24. Contemporary Changing Table for Babies

There is a new baby in the family, and that means new furniture, clothes and other things specifically made for a new baby. The most modern baby furniture can be found here. This changing table comes in a gray color, with baskets and other accessories to help keep baby organized. This most modern baby furniture helps keep baby safe, too. When baby begins to roll from back to front, or front to back, it is hard to change baby. The high sides make it safe for baby. 

23. Ultra Modern Baby Shelf by Delta Children

New room and it's only fitting that there are new modern baby furniture pieces in the house. Not only baby furniture but child furniture too. This Ladder Shelf is a great piece for any room of the house, especially baby's room. Furniture that is one color is a great pick, even more so with two colors like white and gray. A ladder like this one will add space to your room; especially a living room or a bedroom. 

22. Colorful Modern Kid's Storage Organizer

This storage organizer is a new modern baby furniture item. This won't be used by the baby at first, but when the baby turns into a toddler, it will be invaluable. The toddler will learn to sort their toys so they will be easy to put away in these bright and colorful bins. This is very easy to put together and use. Simply put the toys in the twelve storage bins. A storage system like this is very attractive with the bright colors and with the toys cleaned up, their rooms will look immaculate. Parents everywhere will be pleased with new modern baby furniture that grows up with them.

21. Modern Zebra Print Children's Chair

This mini furniture has got to be the best modern baby furniture ever. Along with its miniature size, babies and toddlers can have their own chair to sit on. There are not many mini chairs like this that are actually comfortable to sit on. This is perfect for a kid's playroom, living room, or bedroom if they want to sit on it and love life. 

20. Modern Eames Style Rocking Chair for Babies

This chair comes in many colors and patterns is modern baby furniture for sure. It is a high-quality rocking chair that comes in many different colors to suit many different tastes and patterns of any room. This would be the perfect size for a toddler or young child. For anyone concerned about their floors, this is an ash wood rocker with steel supports, so any child will be safe sitting on this chair.

19. 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddle Rail by Babyletto

This Convertible crib can be considered by most to be some of the best modern baby furniture for sale online. This Mercer crib is the best modern baby crib because of all the features it has in it. The best modern baby crib is a crib first, then after the crib is finished, it turns into a toddler bed. A crib like this has been tested both for chemicals in the paint they use to the width of the bars used for the crib, so it's totally safe for those precious ones. It also includes an under-crib drawer, which is handy for that extra pair of sheets or clothing a toddler could easily access if they needed to. 

18. Modern Baby Bassinet by Dream On Me

This bassinet is modern baby furniture for little babies. In colors pink and gray, it is more traditionally used for a girl, but it can be used for boys too. It is made from polyester foam fabric, which is breathable even in hot weather. Bassinets like this one are made for babies up to twenty-five pounds. Baby will be traveling safely and stylishly while being taken on a walk, errands or just about anywhere. This bassinet features a sleeping pad so that baby has an option to sleep while being pushed in the bassinet. 

17. Modern Black 5 Drawer Chest by South Shore

Storage is just about what anyone needs; whether it is a newborn or a young child needing to organize their clothes in a chest of drawers like this one. Painted in a charcoal and onyx color, this stands out as a beautiful piece and a great addition to any room. The hardware that stands out in the front of the dresser is brushed nickel and looks very nice. The drawers are spacious enough for even the biggest wardrobe, though these drawers are only so deep. This piece goes well in about every room of the house, though it goes well with any matching furniture made by the South Shore Cosmos Collection. 

16. Contemporary White Wall Shelf for a Nursery - Set of 2 

This shelf is modern baby furniture for those kids that want their wares organized. A shelf like this can help organize a young child's books too, depending on how they want them. They are made of white wood, so they are very sturdy, even for a young child or toddler. The shelves are equipped with a board in the front so that smaller books cannot fall out or off. This is a very good investment and looks elegant on a wall. 

15. 3-in-1 Convertible White Crib by Baby Mod

This crib is modern baby furniture for those tiny tots that need somewhere to sleep. This crib is the best modern baby crib out there since it is convertible. It converts first to a baby crib, then to a toddler daybed for naps or sleeping during the night. Cribs come in all different colors; this crib, in particular, is white. White is good if you are going for a clean look, but with a baby, this will get stained pretty quickly unless it is wiped off frequently. 

14. Modern Diaper Pail by Ubbi

This is modern baby furniture for the nursery or baby room. This can fit anywhere, really. It has a white finish, so it can blend into other furniture that is white. A diaper pail is a must for containing the odors a newborn can bring into the house. The rubber coated seal contains these odors so they don't stink up the house like most pails do. Pails like this are a very good affordable option for many families.

13. Ultra Modern Convertible Crib by Baby Mod

A crib like this is a crib is modern baby furniture for babies who need somewhere to sleep. This crib is a best modern baby crib out there since it is convertible. It converts first to a baby crib, then to a toddler daybed for naps or sleeping during the night. Cribs come in many colors as well. This one is white but beautifully contrasted with a walnut color made from a New Zealand Pine tree. 

12. Toddler Bed 3-in-1 Conversion Crib by Baby Mod

This baby crib is the best modern baby crib out there. it comes in a white color, but is also available in a donkey gray color. A crib like this can last two to four years, and that is at a minimum. It starts off as a crib, but then converts later as a toddler or a preschooler bed for sleeping. These are for those kids learning to sleep in a bed versus a crib. Every kid should have this multi-use crib that not only functions really well, but looks great as well.

11. Beckett 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

The best modern baby crib is out there and looks better than ever. Pebble gray is a great color, especially in a nursery to compliment the gray color that might go with a theme for baby. This best modern baby crib is one that starts off as a crib, then transitions to a day bed for toddlers learning how to sleep in a bed and nap in the day bed. 

10. Ultra Modern White Crib for Babies

This modern baby furniture has a great selection of cribs. This particular crib comes in five colors; Espresso, Espresso and white, Gray, Gray and white, and just plain white. Like other 3-in-1 cribs, this one can transform into a crib and then into a daybed. This modern baby furniture boasts four mattress settings for when it is needed to keep baby safe. The daybed is an essential part since toddlers need to learn how to sleep in a bed instead of a crib when the time comes. This process can take a while, for sure, but worth it in the end. 

9. 3 Piece Modern Table and Chair Set for Toddlers

This modern baby furniture is more than baby furniture as it is miniaturized so that even the youngest guests to a tea party are allowed. This fun and brightly painted set will make any young kids want to play tea party and pretend. It is a favorite past time of young girls and helps teach them as well. The legs of the chairs and the table are naturally finished. It is the perfect table for many activities; drawing or playing with play-doh. So anyone that is considering toddler or preschooler furniture should consider this. 

8. Contemporary Baby Cradle - White

This modern baby furniture is more than modern, it's downright old-fashioned like never before seen. This antique white baby cradle is constructed from New Zealand pine wood and is very elegant. The cradle comes with the baby mattress included, so baby can be comfortable anytime they are in the cradle. A cradle like this is especially for newborns up till about six months; when most babies are able to push up on their hands and knees. This can be a long time for some, though. 

7. Babyletto Convertible Baby Crib

This modern baby furniture is and can be the best modern baby crib. This convertible crib, like many other cribs, convert three ways; first, as a crib. A crib can last anywhere from newborns on up to sometimes two years old. Then, most cribs have adjustable mattress positions that can be adjusted according to the child's development. This has hidden hardware, which is safer for kids so they don't hurt themselves on hardware for the crib. Next, the crib can be converted to a day bed for a toddler or a preschooler. Young kids still need to learn how to sleep in a bed all night. This crib also comes in one of three colors; white, white with a walnut color, and a white with a natural finish. 

6. Contemporary Gray Convertible Baby Crib

This modern baby furniture can be the best modern baby crib. This convertible crib, like many other cribs out there, convert three ways. This isn't always so. But for this one, it converts first, as a crib. A crib can last for a long time. Then, most cribs have three or four adjustable mattress positions that can be adjusted, especially if the baby is standing and tries to get out of the crib. Hidden hardware is safer for kids so they don't hurt themselves while exploring the crib Next, the crib can be converted to a day bed for a toddler or a preschooler. Young kids still need to learn how to sleep in a bed all night. This crib comes in three colors; Espresso, white and pebble gray. Pebble gray color might be nice especially if the nursery is also painted a gray color.

5. Modern Baby Changing Table by Delta Children

Modern baby furniture has its place in the nursery or in any room of the house where baby is. This white changing table is for infants on up. What's nice about a changing table is that it is for changing baby on top, but has storage for diapers, wipes, clothing and toys on the lower two shelves. This way someone can be organized, but also have room for the many things that baby needs to be happy and healthy. The infant changing table comes with a pad and safety strap to keep baby in place as well. It's water resistant too, so that makes it nice to clean up and not worry about it being damaged if the baby has an accident while being changed.

4. 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib by DaVinci

A four in one convertible crib is very modern baby furniture for this time. Not only does the crib convert four different ways, it is stylish as well. This crib converts from being a crib, to a day bed, to a full size bed. Many of the convertible cribs convert three ways, but not many convert into a full size bed as well. To convert this crib into other furniture, the conversion kits are sold separately for a nominal fee. This crib in particular comes in seven colors; cherry, chestnut, ebony, espresso, white, grey and honey oak as well. There is an option just to have the crib by itself, especially if someone already has a crib mattress, but there is one included for a little bit more of a price tag. A crib like this has non-toxic paint for peace of mind. There is also an option of professional installers who will put together the crib for someone as well.

3. Graphite Blue Dresser by Baby Relax

If there's one thing we can all agree on about this drawer,  it's modern baby furniture at its finest. The six drawer dresser looks elegant, yet can pretty much go with any themed baby's room. It has two colors; a beautiful graphite blue and a bright white color with contrasting hardware for the drawer handles. The drawers have ball bearing gliders; meaning they will effortlessly open and close, so never a worry when grabbing that diaper or that change of clothes. Either color will feature a non-toxic finish on the dresser. It is made of wood so it is very heavy and sturdy, especially with the risk of furniture tipping over on children. The drawers themselves are made of particle board, however, just for holding clothes, diapers, wipes and other things it should be sturdy enough. 

2. Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail by Babyletto

This modern baby furniture is simply fabulous considering the design of the furniture they are going for. This crib is convertible to three stages; an infant crib, a toddler bed and a daybed, also as baby grows. The conversion kit needed for these conversions is sold separately, though. This baby furniture comes in seven different colors; espresso, espresso with white, gray with white, gray, white, washed natural, and a white with a washed natural look. There's something for everyone, depending on what contrasting colors, if any, someone wants on the crib for their baby. It is not known whether or not the crib mattress is included. This is a great crib for anyone looking for one. 

1. 4-in-1 Tribeca Crib

This modern baby furniture definitely will suit various tastes for color. A convertible crib like this only comes in a white and gray two-toned color. It looks elegant and would look great in any nursery. While shopping for something like this and wondering what is the difference, here it is. This particular crib can convert four ways, instead of the traditional three ways. The traditional three ways are a crib, toddler bed, and daybed for naps and sleeping at night. The four ways are that it actually turns into a full-size bed when baby gets bigger. So this definitely makes a difference, depending on how long the bed is meant to last. If a budget is tight, then a four in one conversion piece might be a good idea. If it looks good now, it will look good years from now.

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