The Best Dollhouse for Sale Online

If you're on the hunt for the best dollhouse for your little girl or boy then you've come to the right spot. We here at Furnsy have reviewed hundreds of dollhouses to bring you the top 25 best dollhouse products for sale online. From elegant wooden dollhouses to mansion dollhouses, we've reviewed the best of the best. Enjoy!

25. Best Dollhouse by Hape - Furnished with Accessories

One of the best dollhouse styles (if not the best dollhouse for boys and girls) found online is this example made by Hape. It is sturdily constructed with nontoxic, child safe material. The basic yet fresh look and openness of the design lend itself to small hands, easy interaction and imaginative play. It’s designed for ages 3 through 8 but its classic look will never appear babyish. With the primary color palette and clean lines, it was clearly designed for both boys and girls in mind. The dollhouse can be purchased unadorned or complete with what can only be described as enchantingly miniature Ikea-style furnishings. 

24. 3 Story Victorian Dollhouse by Greenleaf

A Victorian gem priced to sell! Must see to believe! This graceful scaled down house won’t be on the market for long. Overall one of the best dollhouse styles available. The plan is opened on the back for play and decoration, and the front face is a full facade of a house that includes many charming and realistic details of an authentic Victorian manse. Six rooms, with wrap around porch and two fireplaces. And like many real life counterparts, it’s also a fixer upper. It is ready to be assembled with roof shingles included. A fun project for parent and child to build together. And a shoe in for best dollhouse for an older girl.

23. 3 Story Stylish Dollhouse by KidKraft 

This open plan three level dollhouse with ten rooms is not only quite chic, but also large enough to accommodate fashion dolls up to 12 inches tall. That includes fashion-forward dolls (Not just Barbie but also dolls such as Little Miss Matched or the Moxie girls). Separate rooms in front and back with an airy open roof design and a full 45 pieces of furniture make this stylish Triplex extremely versatile and fun to play with. It has the added benefit of casters so it can be easily turned front to back, rolled from one location to another, or shifted out of the way for tidying and vacuuming. 
The bright fun colors and general aura of trendy malt shop and dreamy townhouse blended into one is bound to appeal to young girls through the tween years. May not be the best dollhouse for boys, unless a fashionable doll’s best friend is looking to meet with a nice action figure. Is Captain America free? 

22. Best Barbie Dollhouse - The Dreamhouse

A fully modernized update of the perennial favorite dream house is a dream come true for any Barbie devoted girl. Not only are there three floors and rooms galore, it includes over 70 accessories, an atrium window that converts into a pool and a working elevator! This glamorous town house is the most likely to be voted best dollhouse for a girl by a girl. After all, who would know better? The sassy pink and turquoise design include “smart” technology, interactive furniture that once plugged in, give the look and feel of a real aquarium or a flat screen TV.

21. Best KidKraft Dollhouse - The Kayla

Kid Kraft offers up another superior product: Perhaps the best dollhouse in its size category. Tall enough for 12-inch dolls, spacious enough for several children to play together, either standing or sitting. It’s a handsome sturdy structure that will stand the test of time. There are 10 pieces of colorful furniture all scaled appropriately for this big house. It can go toe to toe against any dream house, and at a thrifty price.

20. Miniature DIY Wooden Dollhouse Kit by Cuteroom


Truly one of the best dollhouse designs on the market. It is the most gorgeous wooden dollhouse available for sale online. The exquisite details mirroring a real house need to be seen to be fully appreciated. A feast for the eyes, it is the best dollhouse not only for a child but for any person who would appreciate this as the beautiful showpiece it most assuredly is. There are working lights inside and out, along with gingerbread trim, and garlands of greenery to wrap around balcony, terrace, and porch. The rear walls of the house open, revealing miniature furniture (included in purchase price) The house has instructions written in English along with pictures to guide you through the assembly process. 

19. Fold and Go Miniature Dollhouse by Melissa and Dough

Melissa and Doug have once again produced a contender for the best dollhouse for boys or girls. This sweet dollhouse is made of solid wood. A hinge allows the two halves to swing open for more room to play. When closed, the house can be carried by the two wooden handles on top. It’s a snug house with 2 upstairs rooms complete with dormer windows. Including 11 pieces of solid built, simple furniture that can be rearranged easily by toddler's hands. Also comes with two quaint and cute play figures, just the right size for their cozy cottage. The little dolls are made from wood and fabric and have enough bend to be made to sit or stand. It has a nostalgic and ageless look to it and appropriate for three years and older. 

18. Best Fisher-Price Dollhouse

Fisher Price has another choice that may be considered the best dollhouse style for younger children. Most popular with the three-year-old set, it’s much wider than it is tall offering more play area horizontally. The dollhouse has working lights and interactive sound features such as phone ringing, dog barking, and doorbells that children will delight in, including the playing of fun songs and lullabies. Another best dollhouse feature is the educational features. The songs teach new words, as well as suggestions to wash hands before dinner. Comes with Mom, Dad, toddler and baby figure. Includes a sofa, chairs, a baby bouncer, tea sets and a toy bunny. Additional furniture and accessories are available separately to add on. A plus is this dollhouse can fold away making it much easier to store. 

17. Most Colorful Playhouse by Pidoko Kids

Quality material and craftsmanship have gone into this brightly colored, open sided wooden dollhouse. The neutral color palette makes this another of the best dollhouse styles for boys as well as girls. The furniture is wood and decorated with charming painted details. Four play people reside with their pet dog (and his bone). The play people are flexible and can be maneuvered into sitting or standing positions. Includes 20 pieces of furniture as well. 

16. 54pc Dollhouse by Pidoko Kids

Pidoko Kids is a recent addition to the market of best dollhouse products available online. This is truly one of the best dollhouse styles available. It is a beautifully designed, simple yet elegant large open plan dollhouse. Built of high-quality durable wood, it should offer years of fun. The colors are bright and cheery but gender neutral thus making this the best dollhouse for boys and girls. The three levels of play give ample room for play. The best dollhouse for any child includes four family play figures, over 50 pieces of furniture and accessories and an adorable pet dog with his own little house. 

15. Hi-Rise Dollhouse by Melissa and Doug - Wooden

A well made classic from the ubiquitous Melissa and Doug. Built in an open plan townhouse style, this Hi-Rise is a simple design made with real wood. The fresh bright colors are modern and neutral enough that it could easily meet the criteria of best dollhouse for boys as well as girls. The six room dollhouse comes complete with 15 items of furniture, three doll people and includes an elevator and garage. 

14. Giant Mansion Dollhouse by KidKraft - Girl's Uptown House 

Kid Kraft presents a premium product with this fresh take, creating what is most probably one of the best dollhouse styles due to its unique design and modern appealing details. Three levels with five rooms to play in, it also includes a working elevator, curving stairs that lead to a patio on the roof but a swimming pool in the front of the building. 

It comes with 35 accessory pieces and the design and decoration on the walls give the impression of 3-D, creating the illusion of even more furniture and decorative touches. 
The house is wired for sound and lights! Push a button and keyboard music plays and push another button and the lamps light up. There is plenty to explore and do in this modern home. Best dollhouse for girls ages 5-11, but younger ones should still enjoy. It is large, so you may want to measure the space it is intended for. 

13. Best Cheap Dollhouse for Girl's by RJ 

A small, modestly priced dollhouse made of colorful plastic. There are two levels and five rooms including a large balcony area. The open plan offers multiple play areas. It includes 24 pieces of furniture and accessories. Maybe not the best dollhouse on the list, but very reasonably priced.

12. Deluxe Dollhouse by Playmobil 

This cute dollhouse presents a simple, stripped down starter home. Maybe not the best dollhouse for the price, but it does offer space, and includes two figures, three floors and many flower filled window boxes for decoration. The dolls have enough maneuverability to sit, stand and turn their heads. This is a bit unusual dollhouse as the outside is more decorative than the inside of the dollhouse. More accessories can be purchased separately.

11. Best Toys R Us Dollhouse - Imaginarium

Tall and spacious, this best dollhouse for make believe includes three stories, and four rooms to decorate with the included 11 pieces of furniture, including a coffee table, reading lamp, bed and flat screen TV.

The inside is decorated to give the rooms a sense of depth and detail. The height allows accommodation of 12-inch fashion dolls, with a real working elevator to carry Barbie and friends up and downstairs as desired. The product is easy to assemble and made of wood. The size, open design, and window cut-outs offer several angles of play areas. 

10. Luxury Country Estate Dollhouse by KidKraft

Another fine option from Kid Kraft - this ‘country estate’ is four floors high, with eleven rooms to decorate and play in. Comes with thirty items of adorably detailed furniture, including patio chairs and a turquoise Weber style grill. Added bonuses include cloth curtain, swinging door and the working elevator which is sure to bump it up in class to best dollhouse for any child. 

9. Fisher-Price Dollhouse - My First Dollhouse Collection

Another Fisher Price offering, My First Dollhouse is probably the best dollhouse for very small children who will love the bright colors and easy to handle pieces. Included are three doll people, mother, father and baby. There are three floors and five rooms to play make-believe in. Good price and no complicated packaging to deal with. Because of its simplicity of style, definitely in consideration for the best dollhouse for boys as well. 

8. Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture by KidKraft

Kid Kraft does it again with an adorable seaside cottage. The best dollhouse for the smaller size dolls, the height comes in at slightly less than three feet and is designed for 4-inch mini dolls. The design is open so there is plenty of room to play even for two or three girls at one time. The house comes complete with 17 pieces of furniture and two movable staircases. Three levels of play with five rooms (and an outdoor balcony complete with beach style table umbrella). The furniture is sturdy and colorfully painted wood. 

7. Best Southern Country Dollhouse by KidKraft - Savannah

Kid Kraft’s Savannah model gets top marks and is arguably the best dollhouse when considering overall attractiveness, quality of materials and room for play. The floors are large enough for 12” dolls such as Barbie. Comes with 13 pieces of colorful furniture, working lights, and a large central staircase. The back is completely open, and wide windows give the dollhouse an open airy look. There are two balconies, a small room in the attic (perfect for baby’s crib) and a full outdoor patio area. Children will love this best dollhouse from Kid Kraft. 

6. KidKraft Dollhouse for Girls or Boys - Annabelle

Another winner from Kid Kraft - in the mid price range. This dollhouse not only includes 16 items of furniture, hanging chandelier, working elevator and detailed heart shaped latticework, it also has whimsical decorative illustrations on walls and floor that contribute to the illusion of a fully furnished flat. The pink roof is offset by the turquoise, periwinkle and yellow splashes of color on the wooden furniture. An adorably-striped umbrella sits on the balcony upstairs. May win best dollhouse interior decor, if there was such a contest. 

5. Affordable Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture by Best Choice Products

Beautifully large and rambling, this wood mansion should be in consideration for the best dollhouse for not only its ease of play (both sitting and standing) but also the overall roominess that can handle multiple children at one time. The dollhouse also comes equipped with two large staircases and a balcony, rooms with enough height to accommodate 12 - 14 “ dolls. Seventeen pieces of wooden furniture to rearrange. A matching dog house with accessories can be purchased separately, qualifying again for the additional category of best dollhouse with matching dog house 

4. Enchanted Belle Dollhouse by KidKraft

This Enchanting Dollhouse by Kid Kraft may be the best dollhouse choice for the little girl who adores Belle. Kid Kraft assures quality craftsmanship of solid wood walls and furniture. Disney Licensed indicates that it is authentic to the movie design and faithful in its details. A bendy Lumiere character and an enchanted rose come along with the various furniture. Three floors, with enough height to entertain Barbie as well as Belle.

3. Adorable Dollhouse for Toddlers by Fisher-Price 

A fun & interactive option for the small fry from Fisher Price. The dollhouse is equipped with working lights and over fifty different sounds, songs and phrases, offering hours of fun for the little people. This is the best dollhouse type for very young children. There are three doll figures, mom, dad and little Emma. May not be the best dollhouse for boys as they may not like the overall pink color of the roof. It requires two AA batteries and they are included. Parents will be relieved to know there is an off switch for the sound effects when needed! The house is compact and when closed can be carried by the plastic handle on top. 

2. Best Mansion Dollhouse by KidKraft
Aptly named, this dollhouse from Kid Kraft is indeed majestic: four feet wide and 4 ½ feet high - It would be prudent to measure the space before moving this mansion home. Might be the best dollhouse for this size and price. Eight open rooms, solid wood construction with 34 pieces of wooden furniture and accessories, including a pet kitten and a grandfather clock. There are working elevators and a garage with doors that swing open. 

1. Cheap Fisher-Price Dollhouse

A solid choice made with typical Fisher Price quality and a modest price tag. The dollhouse stores neatly and compactly with furniture and doll family tucked inside but opens up to a roomy expanse of four floors and as many rooms. Includes a Rapunzel style balcony and swing set for baby doll and friend to swing on. Wired for sound which runs on batteries (not included). There's no question at all that this is the best dollhouse for sale online.

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